My very brief summary of IATEFL 2015

Ignoring all advice (Jill, you were right) I tried to pack in as much as possible.

This is some of what I took away.

  • Teacher’s salaries should be quadrupled.’ (David Crystal a.k.a Papa Noel 2015)
  • Mouth gymnastics are good for improving pronunciation.
  • Spontaneity and improvisation in the classroom should be encouraged and reflected upon.
  • Teachers shouldn’t be the only ones asking questions.
  • Creativity and grammar are not mutually exclusive.
  • Textploitation is not an illegal activity.
  • Drama can be messy and messy can be good.
  • Pinterest activities have pedagogical value and look like the kind of thing my advanced students might like.
  • Self-publishing definitely has some appealing advantages over publishers.
  • Recording yourself seems to be a good idea.
  • The debate about native and non-native teachers continues (but seems to be slowly moving in the right direction)
  • Teaching might not directly cause learning but good teaching definitely has an impact.

On reflection my IATEFL seems to have focused on pronunciation and creativity. Individual posts and links to sessions will follow. Also, check out the new softer, stronger and longer Blog Roll.


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